What is home happiness?

Maximize home happiness while minimizing the cost of home living. Sounds great, but what exactly is home happiness? Thorb carried out intensive research into home happiness, in collaboration with market research agency Motivaction. The results show that there are nine happiness factors that jointly ensure home happiness.

The nine happiness factors

What really makes residents happy? That’s the big question… Market research shows that the following nine factors influence home happiness:

  • Location
  • Social Interaction
  • Safety & Security
  • Living Comfort
  • Green Facilities & Garden
  • Finances
  • Privacy
  • Space
  • Technology & Design

Of all these factors, living comfort is the most important in determining how comfortable people feel in their ‘habitat’. On average, respondents score their general home happiness seven out of ten. But if you consider that you spend some 40% of your income on living costs, then surely this score should be more like a nine or a ten?! Are you convinced that your revolutionary idea will prompt people to raise their home happiness scores to a nine or a ten?

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