Urban Homework for Europe: the conquest of life in the block

There are parts of our cities that are dying. We already tried to do better by creating new. This did not turn smart but easier.
It is time to embrace the challenge of taking care of the older city: the rehabilitation of large urban areas is a state of affairs. We are facing this challenge with outdated logics and urban tools.
One of the most virulent periods in the growth of our cities were the developmentalism decades with the exodus from the countryside towards the cities in the seek of a better life. The architectural spirit was the Modernism and its belief of the No-Place. Thus emerged hundreds of neighborhoods in Europe. Today this tissues are degrading all over Europe.
It is believed that it is not about rehabilitating a building; it is understanding the social structures architecture creates and how this architecture must be convertible to stay healthy and appealing towards forthcoming generations.
The architectural strategy re-qualifies spaces. Small scale operations will produce the improvement in the dwelling, its perfectibility and typological variety giving an adaptive system towards users and time
The four operations are:
1) Replacement of a small percentage of beam fillings by inclined slabs. With them new paths, natural lighting specially needed at ground level houses and double heights will be introduced in the blocks.
2) Re-structuring of the envelopes making them efficient.
3) Expansion of the cantilevers
4) Re-qualification of the public common space that will no longer be limited to a core of communication.

The project buildingsblocks

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  • Privacy: Incomplete
  • Space & Plan: Incomplete
  • Tech & Design: Incomplete
  • User defined: Incomplete

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