Urban Growing Village: Translating Traditional Villages into High-rise Towers

As population in cities increases, houses are slowly transforming into high-rise towers. However, housing towers are lacking in term of responding to the local context, culture and residents’ needs. Instead of “Transform”, houses should “Evolve” into towers using traditional villages as precedent.
The idea of Urban Growing Village is to explore the missing link in between traditional villages and high-rise towers. 5 design elements were extracted from traditional villages to create stronger and happier community living in cities. The design elements are, Flexibility, Neighborhood, Personalization, Green, Privacy and Security.
Flexibility- Housing unit able to expand and shrink vertically and horizontally to allow comfort and the changing needs of its owners. The tower it self is self growing vertically to allow for more stack of communities.
Neighborhood- Housing units are clustered into small grouping vertically and horizontally to foster community spirits.
Personalization- Housing unit provides the allowance for “Personal Touch” of its owners to provide the sense of belonging and customization.
Green- Suitable amount and scale of open green space for each cluster to encourage the usage of those green spaces instead of one huge green shared by the whole development.
Privacy & Security- Center core with spacious corridors to allow for “Territorial Space” to happen for each unit.

The project buildingsblocks

  • Location: Partially
  • Social interactions: Complete
  • Safety & Security: Complete
  • living Comfort: Complete
  • Green & Outdoors: Complete
  • Finance: Partially
  • Privacy: Complete
  • Space & Plan: Incomplete
  • Tech & Design: Partially
  • User defined: Incomplete

Contact information

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  • E-mail address: Information hidden

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