the “foodpath” – a new path to bind the individual homes together by food!

the “foodpath” is an attempt in binding the housing community together, by addressing human being’s most basic need – the crave for food ( albeit healthy food! ). it is a design that is intended to bring about happiness to the residents through culinary / dining activities.

the design strategy is to omit the provision of standard size kitchen in the individual houses, and combine them into clusters of shared kitchen complete with dining areas.

the clusters of shared kitchen + dining area will be located on the rear side of the link houses, abutting the backyard of the houses. they form a string of food preparation and dining spaces ( hence the name “foodpath” ) that meanders through the whole housing neighborhood.

by omitting the standard size kitchen, the cost of each individual houses is reduced. the house buyers need only pay a monthly maintenance fee for using the shared kitchen and dining area. the cost of building the shared kitchen will be borne by the city or town councils / housing cooperatives / etc.

the omission of standard size kitchen ( replaced by a small kitchenette / pantry ) also frees up the interior space of a house, making it possible for flexible layout of living area / room at the ground floor of the house, and catering to the diverse needs of potential house occupants.

as the culinary culture and food preparation has changed rapidly with changing demography , family structure and people mobility ( intra & internationally ), it may be the time to re-define the role of a standard size kitchen within a house.

it is thought that the kitchen still remain as an important space for the proper functioning of a household, however it can be shared by a few households and becomes the new social space for a community.

it is believed that the “foodpath” is as important as the typical footpath that meanders through a housing community. the “foodpath” is a potentially-rich game-changing strategy in modern housing design.

The project buildingsblocks

  • Location: Partially
  • Social interactions: Complete
  • Safety & Security: Partially
  • living Comfort: Complete
  • Green & Outdoors: Partially
  • Finance: Partially
  • Privacy: Incomplete
  • Space & Plan: Incomplete
  • Tech & Design: Partially
  • User defined: Partially

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