Symbiosis habitat

The recent advances in several technologies,lifestyles, new equipment development, the pc , the web and several others factors have heavily influenced the residential habitat.
To develop a new habitat we have singled out four major parametres that have conditioned our proposal for the residential habitat.
They are:
-new relationship with natural ecosystem
-new relationship with artificial ecosystem
-new lifestyles
-new all green construction system
To satisfy all requirements of this parameters we have established several goals for the design proposal that we can summarize as follows:
New relationship with natural ecosystem (to support an all green residential system)
-Physical separation but functional integration between the natural and artificial ecosystem (Terraforming Earth concept) in a symbiotic relationship
-100& waste recycling
-100% water treatment and recycling, including rainwater, to reutilize for hydroponic gardens and other functions
-100% power requirements generated locally from renewable sources (sun, wind, water currents, tides etc) geothermal for temperature control
-elimination of pollution causing factors
New relationship with artificial ecosystem
-neighbourhood social integration
-allow social interaction between all type of groups a(age, race, status etc)
-services for all age groups
-all green fully independent neighbourhoods
-presence and interaction with health care, education, civic services
-areas for work, entertainment, sport activities
-abundance of green areas
-areas for animals and pets
New lifestyles layout (to reflect current requirements, equipment capabilities, social interactions)
-different composition of family groups (by age, gender etc)
-new technologies introduction
-smarthouse concepts (for management , control etc)
-new appliances and equipment (domestic robots, laundry , ironing and folding center, 3d printer, drones etc)
-transformable spaces and space saving solution
-new lifestyles (fitness, communications, web activity, work at home, water equipment, sauna ,air purifier, etc)
-outdoor and green area integrated for year round utilization
New all green construction system (based on components manufactured from waste recycling)
-3d printing technology ( non standard components, all shapes, equipment and utilities integrated , possibility to manufacture on site)
-additive system with no waste
-wall and floor panels made from PET and newspaper (cellulose) wastes recycled
-low cost but high quality of components
-possibility to assemble one house in one day with a crew of four without site wastes and disorder creating urban blight
-flexibility for any architectural style or shape
-expansion possibility

In order to satisfy all the above parametres we are proposing two solutions, one for apartments of various size in multistory buildings, another for a single family house with its own land.
In both solutions all parametres were satisfied with the introduction of new components and equipment to be developed such as hydroponic walls and vertical gardens, air depuration system , transparent enclosure to integrate open space in a closed environment , using the Tensairity structural system , new equipment such as an ironing and folding appliance, the introduction of domestic robots, the elimination of fire for cooking or heating and many other innovations, including provisions for future technologies such as personal drones.
The future residential and urban habitat will be very different from the existing one and we are at the thereshold of an architectural and city planning revolution to take into consideration the new parametres as defined previously.
The improvement fo people’s life, of our cities habitability, the elimination of major challenges through design and planning are the goals, the instruments are in a definition phase.

The project buildingsblocks

  • Location: Complete
  • Social interactions: Complete
  • Safety & Security: Complete
  • living Comfort: Complete
  • Green & Outdoors: Complete
  • Finance: Complete
  • Privacy: Complete
  • Space & Plan: Complete
  • Tech & Design: Complete
  • User defined: Complete

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