Pyramid 4.0

The ancient Egyptians stapled heavy, manually finished stones on top of each other to create magnificent and long-lasting buildings for the dead. 4000 years later, we want to staple hollow, machine produced concrete modules to create magnificent buildings for the living.

The room cells will be prefabricated with employing a lot of robotics and delivered just in-time to the construction ground, if desired fully equipped with interior make-up; a crane brings them into position; an app monitors the building progress – a combination of software, robotics and machinery in 21st century A.D. instead of slaves in 21st century B.C. This ensures quality and cost control and avoids that materials are wasted on the construction site. The building will be finished guaranteed within time and cost frame.

Core thermal insulation provides a lot of freedom to make use of the façade. Façade design can be adopted to regional, local and individual, functional and optics needs, e.g. a green façade, pv panels, wood or aluminum cladding. The façade can be marketed to electricity providers to produce green electricity or to the community air department for cleaning the air. The interior design can be selected from a choice of offerings – like you buy your car today. Smart value chains and innovative partners help us to create a mass-individualized home always redefining state-of-the art.

Worried to create a boring environment? No Need! The arrangement of the room cells, their dimensions and orientation can be varied to create individual houses like with Lego bricks and much more variation than cars today. Apartment houses around a central yard or town houses scattered in a park-like environment – communities are easy to plan.
Double concrete walls provide privacy by protecting from noise ingress from the outside or neighbors; and thermal comfort by storing excess heat, when it is too hot, and releasing it, when it becomes too cold. An individual air-exchange and make-up unit ensures high indoor air quality. With the right energy source, the house will not need environmental resources. When recycled concrete is used to prepare the thin walls of the room cells, the ecological footprint of the concrete cells becomes close to wood in the time frame of the lifetime.

Although standardized the concrete modules can be designed to offer valuable living space, e.g. in row houses or multi-family houses. By combining predefined and pre-engineered concrete modules in a Lego-like principle, really EVERYONE can design the house in the planning app – like designing the car on the internet-based configuration site. You can choose from a set of modules of various lengths and breadth of the room cells, all of them digitally prefabricated. All the knowhow needed for a functional apartment is incorporated by experts already in the room cell design. The app can provide you with all plans necessary for building approval. The connections for electricity, water and waste water are standardized to allow the room cells being stapled and connected within a day.

Standardization in turn allows the buildings to be deconstructed and relocated. Due to the durability of concrete cells, the financially depreciated room cells might be re-used in a different building. You can sell or buy a used concrete cell – like you sell or buy a used car. The used cells will come at much lower prices, which allow new business models to market theses houses.

Isn’t this the perfect harmony between Dutch mobile houses and German engineering for the future of designing our habitat?

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