The project of an individual house with a public function “Prestige”

The project includes a residential part and a public zone. The house is part of the quarter “Time Flow”, located on Verkhnubulvarnaya Street in the city of Rostov-on-Don.
The tenants of this house are the Jewish family Shulman, who moved here a couple of years ago, but managed to become well-known in a short period of time. Hercule Shulman – the head of the family, earned a reputation as the owner of the best barbershop in the city. A small business is helped to support his wife and son. The barber’s building is made in a historical style, according to the general concept of the quarter.
Behind the barbershop is a modern private house, on the second floor of which are bedrooms, from which you can go out onto the terrace, and below, in a large room combined kitchen, dining room and living room.
A distinctive feature of the quarter is a large amount of gardening, over all the houses is a single wooden pergola, which creates a shadow in the courtyard and on the terrace, from which a wonderful view of the rest of the city and the river Don.

The project buildingsblocks

  • Location: Complete
  • Social interactions: Complete
  • Safety & Security: Partially
  • living Comfort: Complete
  • Green & Outdoors: Partially
  • Finance: Partially
  • Privacy: Incomplete
  • Space & Plan: Partially
  • Tech & Design: Partially
  • User defined: Incomplete

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