Multi-Comfort House

A project has been created that meets the requirements for environmental protection and is harmoniously integrated into the urban space, the MAD-RE criteria and the criteria of the multi-comfort home concept are observed. In addition to construction, taking into account the social and economic aspects, the proposed solution gives a new impetus to the development of urban space.
Architecture fits into the surrounding space. Solutions for urban space are directly proposed around the construction site. The overall scope of the assignment is the availability of a constructive approach to construction work and an active participation in the development of the concept of future urban reconstruction.

The project buildingsblocks

  • Location: Complete
  • Social interactions: Complete
  • Safety & Security: Complete
  • living Comfort: Complete
  • Green & Outdoors: Complete
  • Finance: Complete
  • Privacy: Complete
  • Space & Plan: Complete
  • Tech & Design: Complete
  • User defined: Complete

Contact information

  • TeamnameBuzovskaya Anastasia
  • E-mail address:

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