The Moving Upward Home is not only a Project, it represents a new way of living: a house becoming home in the sky. The architecture of the project is not as important as the concepts that underlie to the project itself. Over the years massive land consumption has caused major climate change and contributed in endangering Nature and species of the whole world – so the question is, why are we in need of consuming land beneath when we have plenty of space above?
Throughout these ideas, the Moving Upward House, may turn into the Moving Upward neighborhood and eventually the Moving Upward City.
In the attempt to establish a new way to conceive our home the Moving Upward Home Project focuses its attention on the critical point of interaction between the Private and the Public Realm. More specifically we want to flip the classical edge separating these two spaces from its horizontal flatness to a tridimensional verticality. The aim is to create new typologies of space, in between private and public, stimulating the reactivation of dormant social interactions.
The Moving Upward Home Project develops this idea bringing the living environment six meters above the ground. The habitat is composed of two main ground support elements represented by a concrete basement with a livable truss on it, on the upper level are placed three shipping containers re-converted to a residential use and on the final top level, the technological one, are located two vertical farms, the photovoltaic system and three elevated terraces.
The habitat, with its 260 square meters, is conceived to be lived by different kind of modern families, its multi-level spaces characterized by different degrees of privacy are ideal for a flexible use of them and are suitable for all the four seasons of life, from children to elderlies.

– The ideal Location for the Moving Upward Home Project is anywhere on Earth: plains, hilltops, mountains and also, why not(?!), water. The vertical extension of the project, makes it extremely versatile and replicable in a wide range of situations. One of the founding principles of this design proposal is indeed, the respect for Nature, through the lowest possible impact on land consumption. Land consumption is nowadays a critical aspect which should be addressed and taken into consideration by the planners in a worldwide scale. Thus the answer we seek to address through this project is – why should we dig the land when we have the chance to develop spatial volumes above the earth itself guaranteeing, moreover, the natural creation of a “green” habitat to be enjoyed by the inhabitants of the building itself. Let’s imagine, for example, this home is built in the centre of a city with an extremely high land consumption, gardens would blossom underneath the building itself, fulfilling the concept of the interaction between the Soil and Home, “Earth” itself generating and harboring the Home.

– Social Interactions are enhanced by the architectural configuration of the habitat itself. The life-cycle of human beings and its stages is the main focus of the Moving Upward Home Project. The public ground level is freely accessible for everyone, while the private residential unit is out scaled and elevated above, thus creating a sheltered semi-private space with a huge catalyzing potential for social interactions. Paraphrasing John Donnes’ famous quote “no man is an island”, the Moving Upward Home Project, fosters the engagement among the inhabitants of the building, through the “social spaces”, i.e. the swimming pool and the vertical farms. The habitat contains both the “island” space, represented by the private apartments and the “ocean” spaces where people may meet up and interact, whether it is for relax/physical activity in the swimming pool or for working and farming in the above vegetable shared garden. The interaction with the outer world is furthermore guaranteed in the garden below, which will be a catalyzer for outdoor activities.

– Safety & Security issues are to be found within the six meters of elevation from the ground. In many situations, human beings, feel safer and more secure when they are far above the ground level. This overall habitat donates an additional level of protection to its tenants conveying a much safer feeling than within a standard dwelling. Moreover, since the Moving Upward Home Project, is capable of being built anywhere on the planet, it has been conceived so to avoid the risk of floods, due to its vertical extension. Another potential risk that is addressed is that of earthquakes and ground instability. All the Moving Upward Projects, in whichever scale they are built, have a system of seismic isolators which will prevent or minimize the risk of damages during earthquakes making the habitat a safe one to live in.

– Living Comfort standards are very high in the Moving Upward Home Project. The wide range of multi-functional Areas, which include but are not limited to, panoramic terraces and the elevated outdoor swimming-pool, guarantee a wide range of comfort zone areas. Asking oneself which are the living comforts one should like to have, the main answer is that of having an intelligent, efficient space which can be used and reused, being it multi-functional. The habitat is energy efficient, safe, Nature Friendly and Human Friendly at the same time. Through the water recycling system no water will be wasted and the swimming pool or the gardens will blossom with the lowest water consumption possible. When developing this project, a main focus has been that of maximizing the interaction between the building itself and the surrounding nature. The project does not stand for itself, it intertwines with the surroundings and minimizes the possible negative impacts of a modern building.

– Green Facilities and Garden are important elements for the Moving Upward Home Project, in fact in the vertical distribution, where the elevator and staircases are located we designed a Green Cage, made out of steel, to allow wild vegetation to climb the structure and to permeate the habitat. Moreover, as previously said, on top of the residential unit we placed two vertical farms for the production of vegetables and fruits through the use of Hydroponic Technologies.

– The habitat, widely opened on its two inner courts and rationally closed on the external façades, will give a specific degree of Privacy for all the diverse functions enclosed in it. The habitat, with its 260 square meters, is conceived to be lived by different kind of modern families, its multi-level spaces, characterized by different degrees of privacy, are ideal for a versatile use of them and are suitable for all the four seasons of life, from child life to elderly.

– The Moving Upward project represents the living example and rationalization of Environmental Finance concept. The underlying idea of the whole project is that of meeting climate goals, while boosting productivity and enhancing growth. Being elevated from the ground, the Upward Home is completely independent from the “system” we are used to nowadays. To a certain extent this home and its inhabitants may live counting on their own products and energy sources. The overall consumption and ground exploitation is drastically reduced, making this Home, among the most “Nature Friendly” possible habitats. Energy is produced autonomously, water is recycled, vegetables are grown in the vertical farm and the overall impacts on the soil are abated.

– The functionality of Space and Planning as part of the concept of living comfort, is worth a thought. We have imagined a space that can adjust for different uses, functions, jobs and ages. The different levels of the Upward Home can serve different categories of users according to their age and skills. Thus the concept of home may be expanded and lived in many different ways and also become “an office inside the home”, this reducing commuting time and maximizing life standards. According to this idea, possible users are then Families, with elderly ones, who may use a segment of the home, fully equipped with elevator and other comforts, families with children, yet also youngsters in search of their own “space” and privacy which can be found in the independent apartment located on the first floor. The project versatility allows it to suit different situations and needs. Throughout the life cycle, all human beings undergo phases and stages, which can find a dimension of their own in the Upward Home. For example the Garden may be used not only for social interactions, yet again by a sculptor or an artisan to express art or forge materials.

– One of the main objectives during the Technology and Design phase, was to provide the Moving Upward Home Project with the highest standards of renewable energy and sustainability. This objective is fulfilled by integrated systems that all together contribute to the energy output of the building. The Moving Upward Home has a photovoltaic system and solar thermal panels for the production of energy. This asset is also combined to the integrated geothermic system found in the pilings and the opportunity, according to the area in which the Moving Upward Home is built, the bladeless wind turbine may also be installed. Overall the Moving Upward Home will also implement the newest technology developed by ENEA agency which bases itself on the hydroponic idea of self-sustenance living and self-sufficiency.
As a matter of fact the design of the Moving Upward Home is easily adjustable to any situation. The set of containers make it versatile and reusable in the future. It is easy to build and it makes the cost of it affordable, amortizing initial building expenses, throughout the years.

– The user of the Movng Upward Home will define it whilst living in it and appreciating all the comforts and positive aspects of the building itself. This is what happens with the “SMALL”size. But what about “”MEDIUM” and “LARGE”? This is up to us designers..
Moving Upward Home Project is not intended to be simply up-scaled by repetition. The proposal is suitable, as a seed for a small setting, as a sample of what technology offers us to live more properly on the spaceship we call Earth, to put it with Buckminster Fuller. Up scaling requires more air to permeate the built environment. A village or a city ask for more density and more complexity, so we need a skeleton to grow on. It doesn’t make any sense to keep building side by side, our current old style is intoxicating the planet. Once again the key is in the three dimensions. As the late great Architect Luigi Pellegrin used to say “we must learn from the birds”.

The project buildingsblocks

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  • Finance: Complete
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  • Space & Plan: Complete
  • Tech & Design: Complete
  • User defined: Complete

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