Laundry Problems No More!

Imagine what it would be like to never have to pick up clothing all over your house? What would it be like to not have that chair or mountain of clothing that always needs to be folded… putting it away? Who does that?????? Anyways my idea changes the way homes would be constructed. There would be no need for a traditional closet in ever room unless you wanted to us it for clothing storage and there would be no need for dressers in the room to take up and clutter bedroom spaces.

My idea is a way to end the madness of Laundry.

I have a family of 5 with normal laundry and then you have towels, curtains, blankets, pet bedding, throw rugs etc etc etc.

In my house washing and folding get done without fail but folding and putting away never do. So my dream home will have a “ LDR” ( Laundry/ Dressing Room) where the entire family has closet cabinets that hold all their dresser clothing and closet clothing that line all the walls including shoe storage, one end will have 2 dressing rooms ( like you would see in a department store with mirrors and hooks to hang the clothing) this allows parents or children to pick out the next days clothing and have it in the dressing room waiting, between those dressing rooms will be a tall cabinet with laundry cleaning supplies, the center of the room will be a long island with waterfall countertop where one side is 2 sets of washer and dryers and the other side will be slim sorting hampers on casters. The clothing goes on and comes off in this space. You never have to do laundry and go to another room to fold and then another room to put it all away. It’s all in one room. The island top will be your folding zone and you will have plenty of room to fold and stack and turn right around anywhere along the walls and put the clothing away in the appropriate family members cabinets or drawers.

This is my idea and it would solve soooo many issues and time for a busy family. I have even designed this on my design program because my entire house would be built around it because it’s THAT important to find a better way.

Even one step further there will need to be a trash can between the center washer and dryer for lint. Also there will be telescoping poles with horizontal rods that allow you to hang clothing while folding etc. there will be a place to store hangers too in the room once they are empty so they are out of the way in the closet cabinets but remain in the room.

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