House with a reduction in cost by 20%

Usually flat panels are used to build buildings in a rectangular coordinate system. Most buildings have the form of a box. If we apply a radial coordinate system, the optimal element will not be a flat panel, but curvilinear spatial elements. The buildings made by such units in the plan have the form of a trefoil.
Buildings that are assembled from them have high resistance to winds and seismic loads.
Such a construction method can be performed by manufacturing prefabricated elements directly on a construction site, in a factory or in a monolithic version.
In such buildings, the consumption of reinforced concrete is less than in panel houses and their cost is less.
Low cost of apartment buildings is achieved due to curved outer structural walls more stable than flat ones. The round floor plate has a lower surface of the sail shape, along the perimeter has ribs and minimal reinforcement and concrete.
This allows for the same money to build an apartment with a large area of 20 percent, that is, one room more.

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