Holistic Community Design (HCD) model

The Holistic Community Design (HCD) proposal is a blueprint for habitation design providing a higher quality of life and general human health than the typical suburban home or apartment as well as an avenue towards fossil-fuel-free habitation.
The idea is to use economies of scale to reduce the cost per apartment and at the same time provide a community environment that fits with human evolutionary needs for contentedness and cooperation as well as biofillia and physical and material security.
I propose a site of 350×350 meters with 3000 apartments where the buildings enclose a green common space. Determining the optimal size of the HCD model needs extensive research however.

The following is a list of criteria I propose to meet the HCD model for a community:

1. Opportunities for interaction and a rich community life embedded with attractive green areas providing a sense of belonging and communal territorial identity.
2. On-site services including, shopping, entertainment, medical, daycare, schools meeting the demand of the community of about 10000 people.
3. Common body of water that also serves as swimming pool, skating in the winter, recreation
4. Extensive sporting facilities both indoor and outdoor
5. High quality and spacious apartments with abundant natural light, large balconies / terraces providing private outdoor space.
6. Grazing animals – example mobile enclosure for sheep, goats etc. providing a calming and enchanting effect as well as environmental benefits.
7. Financial resources for the community via ownership of commercial spaces – at the ground level of the apartment buildings – providing rental income to the community, part of which can be used to subsidize the purchase of green energy
8) Allocated facilities for Telecommuting – Each community has sufficient subsidized office spaces on site allocated for telecommuting for all the occupants that request it. For example at about $200/month anyone in the complex can rent an office with related facilities for telecommuting office space.

A. No Fossil Fuels – all apartments are designed to work entirely on electric power for cooking and heating – enabling renewable energies to cover all needs.
B. No Landfills
C. Minimal travel required to reach all convinces

The HCD provides a model of evaluating a home in the future by Human Health Criteria as listed above. At the same time the HCD is and effective way of reducing urban sprawl and pressure on the environment.

Given the superior quality of life offered by the HCD model there is reason to believe that it will become attractive enough to eventually become significant segment in the future of housing markets.

The project buildingsblocks

  • Location: Complete
  • Social interactions: Complete
  • Safety & Security: Complete
  • living Comfort: Complete
  • Green & Outdoors: Complete
  • Finance: Complete
  • Privacy: Complete
  • Space & Plan: Complete
  • Tech & Design: Partially
  • User defined: Partially

Contact information

  • Teamname
  • E-mail address: emil@jacob-innovations.com

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