EMME alla ENNE modular building system

The concept consists of the realization of construction products obtained by the aggregation of multiple complete modular elements that can be transported by road without resorting to exceptional transport.
The main element has a standard size in order to allow the union of the components, with a system of interconnection assembled with bolts, on a basis of countless combinations between the three space dimensions, with overlaps that can reach at least 7 levels of height.
It’s possible to create in a very simple manner any type of construction of any size without sacrificing the architectural quality, thus ensuring the highest level of energy performance, quality control, automation and flexibility.
This unique assembly method also allows extensions to be created with heightened elevations, and ability to dismantle the elements in order to position them in different locations.
The intellectual property rights are guaranteed by the below three different licenses for industrial inventions, closely linked to one another, each functional to the other two

• The first concerns the structure in steel-wood inclusive of the connection elements, also made of steel.
• The second refers to the casing system, inclusive of thermal insulation elements and internal and external finishing, conceived in a dynamic and flexible way in order to ensure the best thermo-acoustic comfort in relation to the climate zone.
• The third is represented by the integrated system of the building structure, consisting of a pre-installed system in the modular elements that connect at the same time with rapid connections from the main common line

The main advantage of this architectural system consist in the possibility to rapidly develop the project and assemble the single modules of the building in the construction, through a accurate quality control, till a final pre-testing. The modules are then transported by road to the destination where they are assembled together on an existing foundation realized in real time.
This construction method allows the realization of the building in a short time with great economic benefits, while minimizing accidents and ensuring a low cost and long-term maintenance.
All components and finishing touches, including the external ones, can be replaced at any time in a simplistic way, depending on the needs and style, with the possibility to recycle the replaced components.
The structure of the modular elements is able to withstand earthquakes up to a height of 24 meters of height, while the outer partitions and enclosure systems are designed to reduce energy consumption and to make the building an architectural structure NZEB at an energy level nearly zero. The result is a very high energy efficient building that minimizes fuel consumption related to heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, domestic hot water, by using energy from renewable sources, passive heating, cooling elements, shading systems thus ensuring indoor air quality, adequate natural light in accordance with the design of the building.
This construction system is suitable for the rapid formation of residential buildings, offices, hotels, schools, hospitals and temporary structures in cases of natural disasters and emergencies. It ensures the same architectural and living quality from the aesthetic, energetic and management point of view, of high quality buildings built in a traditional way.


 Residential, Office and Hotel buildings
 Social housing
 Emergency buildings
 Temporary structures for Events, Exhibitions and Hospitality
 Education/Schools
 Healthcare/Medical
 Government buildings

 Flexible design options
 Energy Saving and Water Management
 Eco Sustainability
 Thermal and Acoustic Insulation
 Comfort Indoor Air Quality
 Water Management
 Quality Control and Home Automation
 Short Built Time
 Predictable Time
 Cost Savings
 Cost Certain
 Less Disruptive
 Facility Management
 Re-locability


The project buildingsblocks

  • Location: Complete
  • Social interactions: Complete
  • Safety & Security: Complete
  • living Comfort: Complete
  • Green & Outdoors: Complete
  • Finance: Complete
  • Privacy: Complete
  • Space & Plan: Complete
  • Tech & Design: Complete
  • User defined: Complete

Contact information

  • TeamnameEMME alla ENNE
  • E-mail address: emmeallaenne.modular@gmail.com

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