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Today, the most important problem is the fast leaving of nature from our life, due to the rapid process of urbanization and climate change.
In the not too distant future, the most important resource will be living nature – plants, water, sun, air. Undoubtedly, these elements will become the main element of luxury in the organization of housing. In this case, without them, the normal existence of man as a biological type is unavoidable.

We propose the idea of ​​an environmentally energy-efficient house in which an ecosystem becomes an active protection system. The house consists of two shells. The inner shell is housing, the outer shell is the greenhouse, which creates a closed-cycle ecosystem around the housing.

In the greenhouse, planting of such plant types is expected, which are in the active phase for most of the year, including winter.

This idea is applicable also for cold climates, when using frost-resistant plant types. From the point of view of functional zoning, housing is integrated into the inner garden, which is less dependent on unfavorable climate conditions.

This house will require the use of a number of energy-saving technologies, such as air recuperation, geothermal heating, floor heating with water, and an increase in the insulation layer.

At the same time, the site + house system in one volume creates a unique space for the functional and psychological comfort of flowing the interior into the garden, we are sure that this structure will soon become a dream for most people.

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