I’m excited to share my idea with you. It’s been my dream to combine two brilliant concepts, Lego and Ikea, to create do it yourself living space assembly using interlocking bricks. The foundation, walls, roof, windows, and interior structures can all be assembled using pre-drawn blueprints and later certified by an inspector. The bricks can be made from plastics (including recycled plastics) and stuffed with proper insulation. Rather than use adhesives and hardware, bricks can be snapped into place with internal locking mechanisms. This reduces unnecessary materials and waste and allows bricks to be rearranged or reused as needed. Using the proper materials in this way will also serve as a means to eliminate maintenance costs for things like paint, stain, masonry re-point/sealing, caulking, etc. later on. This method would cut down on the cost of climate control because insulation would be consistent throughout the home and gaps would be nearly non-existent. These building materials would be light weight and mostly uniform, which will aid in shipping expenses. The method could eliminate most of the labor, overhead, profit, heavy equipment, debris hauling, and architectural fees associated with building a new home. Perhaps a plastics recycling program could be established to further decrease the cost. Prospective home buyers could be incentivized by receiving a discount on their material cost by entering an Interlock Build plastics recycling program. The more plastic you recycle, the higher your discount.

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