Commune Ark: A Disaster Resilient, Self Reliant Habitat for Flood-affected Displacees

The project intent is to put a stop on future displacement of the internally displaced natives of civilizations built on River Deltas (Rotterdam, Marseilles, Buenos Aires, Dhaka, Shanghai, Kolkata, Osaka, etc) ; ‘Commune Ark’ is an universal prototype for a linked and buoyant community network where houses are disaster-resilient and where the households become self-reliant due to indigenous floating farms and off-grid energy systems and services.

Key design considerations for ‘Prototype Ark’ House:

1.Modular plan: Designed on a grid of 1.3 by 1.3 meters, the smallest house with area of 45 sq m can be incremented to 75 sq m at the maximum.
2.Buoyant: According to load calculations for buoyancy , 1 sq m. of live + dead + weather loading needs to be counter balanced with 0.02 cc of air to float and hence 99 sq m of the ark base has been packed with 120 airtight barrels of 200 litres capacity each, to enable the ark house to rise up to a minimum of 1.5 metres during flood.
3.Local and recycled materials: Bamboo, rattan (a strong creeper species) and sun grass for thatch are natural materials abundantly available in most parts of the world. Bamboo can be replaced by bamboo composite, Steel pipe sections and timber in the Arctic and Europe. It is then clubbed with materials recycled such as plastic water barrels and G.I sheets and metal pins and dowels are sourced from the mainland for building the community.

Key design considerations for ‘Cluster Ark’ design and plan:

1.Radial configuration: 8 basic ark prototypes are clubbed in radial pattern, forming a cluster.
2.One cluster, many purposes: By introducing a octagonal core structure to fill the void in the typical cluster, a housing cluster can be transformed into a hospital, school, etc

Commune Ark:

26 clusters arks, in an interlinked arrangement along 1 km stretch of an embankment or levee, act as a floating road network during flood and house 102 displacee households, a school, a hospital and an off-grid energy generation core (Mechanical energy system powered by bullock and bicycle movement).

The project buildingsblocks

  • Location: Complete
  • Social interactions: Complete
  • Safety & Security: Incomplete
  • living Comfort: Complete
  • Green & Outdoors: Complete
  • Finance: Incomplete
  • Privacy: Incomplete
  • Space & Plan: Partially
  • Tech & Design: Incomplete
  • User defined: Complete

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