Combinable modular habitat

How to avoid the cons of demographic swelling in low-density areas and simultaneously assure room to the expanding population of the next decades?
Flexibility. With a building which is never done, but in constant transformation.

The idea:
In order to respect the natural growth rate of each area this building system allows neighborhoods to adensate in a non agressive way, so the supply of habitational units grow acoording to the demand. The building is composed by timber modules, it starts with a single floor, with more modules to be attached over the time; the fast and clean timber structural system (CLT+PSL) can be easily installed without anoying the neighbours.
Each of those 8.6 sm units can be assembled in the building site after being transported separately by urban trucks, boat or train wagons, the maximum 2.4 meters wide of each prefab CLT slabs allows them to easily be mounted with with a reduced number of workers.

Building system:
Structurally there are 2 types of components, the cross laminated timber (CLT) slabs and the parallel strand lumber (PSL) pillars, both are clamped together by galvanized steel joints which also allows the attachement of other modules over it; this 1+1 system added to the structural advantages of the material chosen allows the assemblage of +7 storey buildings. The inside-outside separation is granted by waterproof drywalls.
Inside, the concept was developed targetting the total unattachement of systems from the structure, in a way that all the pipes, electrical cables and other instalations are placed under the elevated floor and could be mounted as the user wants. Equiped walls (toilet, kitchen and closet) can be installed over the 60 x 60 cm grid in which the units are build, allowing the users to manage the organization of home according to their own needs.
The vertical circulation core can be made of encapsulated CLT or steel-frame acording to the number of floors wanted, scale and budget of each project.

There is no space for concrete in the future, materials such as cement and steel waste millions of water gallons during its production process, cross laminated timber (CLT) absorve CO2 instead and offers a more economic and ecological strategy of building system. By reducing the weight of the building in 40% and acellerating the building process (if compared to conventional concrete buildings).
In order to assure the fire resistance of the building as a whole, each CLT slab is covered with fireproof gypsium and followed by a slim layer of light mortar, providing the necessary compartmentation to attend building safety legislations.

Shared spaces:
By assembling the building along time, free spaces emerge and get constantly transformed, the escalonated shape allows the existence of rooftops which can be turned into shared terraces or private balconies, responding to the need of the users.
The 8.6 sm units allow multiple layouts; from a single resident 25.8 sm studio (3 modules) to a 4-person family apartment with 60.2 – 77.4 sm (7-9 modules). The product of this fast mounting system can be used as an emergency shelter, social housing, student housing or simply the average residential building that fits all kinds of families.

The project buildingsblocks

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  • Social interactions: Complete
  • Safety & Security: Complete
  • living Comfort: Complete
  • Green & Outdoors: Complete
  • Finance: Complete
  • Privacy: Complete
  • Space & Plan: Complete
  • Tech & Design: Complete
  • User defined: Complete

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