Beyond False Architecture

The transformation of the need for housing into a commodity, makes the beginning of a market mechanism chronicle, which ends in the transformation of the useful value of housing into an exchange value.

Architecture, as an instrument for shaping the physical space to meet the needs of the individual (and the collective), is used within this scheme as a tool for creating a surpluss value to the inherent value embodied in the housing product, by satisfying the needs which are beyond our basic ones – False Needs of hegemonic style and taste, maximizing unint’s size and fixing it to the ground.

In a creeping and protracted process, the homogeneity of the citie’s wealthy neighbohoods spreads to the poor ones, which feeds the rising of the real eastate prices, tuhs leads to the dispalement of these neiboghrhoods’ long established residents. The conventional wisdom is that urban renewal and the increase in the value of the ‘housing product’ of the inhabitants are a necessary good for an area with an external (and sometimes self) image of a backward and difficult place. In fact, it is rather a sophisticated instrument for alleviating the struggle for existence, exploting the imaginary free choice to push the economicy disadvanteged communities out of the city.

This proposal seeks to return the question of habitation from the real estate field to the social field. This is a call to create a new alternative to a seemingly natural and deterministic process of jentrification. This is a search for architecture which rejects the surplus value, and strives to create a structure for the preservation of community identity and a basis for dealing with the real needs and values ​​of the individuals and sociaty.

The project buildingsblocks

  • Location: Partially
  • Social interactions: Complete
  • Safety & Security: Incomplete
  • living Comfort: Incomplete
  • Green & Outdoors: Partially
  • Finance: Partially
  • Privacy: Incomplete
  • Space & Plan: Incomplete
  • Tech & Design: Incomplete
  • User defined: Incomplete

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