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Departing from the origin of Habitat as the natural home or environment of an animal, plant, or other organism, enforced by a willing as well as an attempt to contribute back for the nature, I dreamed about a living environment which grows together with it’s surrounding nature. Scientifically proved as the fastest grow vegetation, Bamboo is imagined as a (surrounding) nature. Planting Bamboo in a plot of land in a neat rows and column arrangement, will be the first step to built the house. In future, the material used to build the house, if it’s bamboo, will be harvested from the same plot of land, therefore the cost of transportation as well as material will be reduced.

Construction wise, I imagine few main elements for the house.

1. Growing Shell
Instead of silently growing old, like the conventional houses, here I imagine an actively growing shell that made out of Bamboo. To create a shell form, few of the living bamboo will be lightly reinforced by lattice made from another harvested bamboo. A flexible membrane textile could also be added to create a better privacy.
Asides from experiencing the poetic growth of the space, this concept is also made as a reminder for all of us that we always need to be careful on land use. In fact there’s a lot of people just overbuilt their house and felt empty living in a big house at the end. With this growing shell, people is always started off with a living unit for maximum 2 persons, which is ideal for young people and married couple. The growth of the shell will in time will give more ceiling height and give allowance for another living unit to be stacked up on top of the first unit, acting as a house expansion.

2. Living Unit as a Whole
Inside the growing shell is the living unit, which is totally made out of Bamboo with steel reinforcement to allow living unit vertical stack in future. This round shape unit is divided into 4 parts, each occupies a quarter of the area. Those 4 parts are kitchen, bathroom, living/working room, and bedroom.

3. The t-Core
The living unit is divided into 4 parts by 1,2 wide t-shape core which could act as a wall as well as furniture. In the stacked unit, a stairs could also added to this module.

4. The Bike Plug
Asides from the inner or outer shell of the house, an alternative energy also imagine here, which is human movement, which are converted into energy. Bike as the means of transportation for the owner also worked as the energy bank for the house. The rotation through the travel from home to work or vice versa, is converted into energy and saved inside a bank. When this bike is parked in the house, it also means the energy produced is also plugged into the house system. One more thing, the bike don’t have to be always on the road to be charged, when its plugged, it also can be used as a fitness gear and collect the energy from the workout.

5. The Neighbour and Amenities
Aiming to be a not only affordable but also self-sufficient house, the bamboo planting area can be reduced once the house physical construction is pretty much ready. Therefore, these extra area then can be converted into farm or urban garden for the resident.

The project buildingsblocks

  • Location: Complete
  • Social interactions: Complete
  • Safety & Security: Partially
  • living Comfort: Complete
  • Green & Outdoors: Complete
  • Finance: Complete
  • Privacy: Partially
  • Space & Plan: Partially
  • Tech & Design: Complete
  • User defined: Complete

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