Wow, last months have been amazing and hectic!
We received tons of ideas.
Complete concepts and promising thought starters.
Almost 200 of them met one or more of our criteria.
We are now proud to present the 5 finalists of our challenge.

The selection process

After thoughtful consideration of all submissions, we first made a shortlist of 20 participants.
We asked all 20 shortlisted participants for additional in-depth information.

Based on our most important criteria we have selected the 5 finalists.
We think they have solutions for the shortest and most promising ways to lower the cost of living and maximize home happiness. That means that we are convinced that they have a scalable product for an urban environment with an expected short time to market.

The 5 finalists

Check out the profiles of the 5 finalists of our challenge (in random order):

Affordable Housing for Everyone
Clickos ‘Universal Basic Structure’ and ‘Opportunity Space Designs’
Compact Modular

And the winner(s) is / are…

Before April 15th we will announce the winner(s) of our challenge! The coming period, the finalists will pitch their concepts for our investors. The investors will decide in which concepts they are going to invest and thus which participants (max 3) will be the winner(s) of our challenge. We will keep you post-it!