How it works

A Reinvent The Habitat challenge sounds great, right? But how does it work?
We’ll explain as best we can below.

Reinvent The Habitat aims to find new ways of living in your home.
A radical departure from the traditional ways of thinking about homes and constructing homes.
Namely, producing houses for half of the current cost, with 100% home happiness as the basic guiding principle.
That’s our mission.
We challenge you to present a revolutionary idea for home living. Go and lie in a hammock for a couple of days,
or retreat to your attic. Come up with the best ever plan for home living in the Netherlands.
We’re looking for outliers, groundbreaking designs, out-of-the-box thinkers, free-spirited engineers and authentic creations.
Anyone can participate!
Join Reinvent The Habitat and disrupt the real estate business!

Step 1: Register for Challenge

Join the challenge by using the “Join now” button, the deadline is 31 January 2018. After submission you will receive an email with a link to your personal page. This is where you set out how your idea contributes to the nine determining factors for home happiness. You can enhance your home living idea in collaboration with other participants on the participants page. Need assistance? Let us know at

Step 2: Selection procedure and elaboration stage

It’s judging time! Our jury will select the 20 best submissions which will then proceed to the next round. The most important criterium here is that submissions must contribute innovatively to optimizing home enjoyment, or have the most potential to do so. We will sit down with the 20 selected parties to examine what is required to create a test home.

Step 3: Construction and testing of pilot homes

Now things get serious. From the 20 selected submissions, we will select the 3 most promising (total) concepts which will actually be constructed! If you’re one of the final 3 participants, your reward is a lot in The Green Village in Delft, where you will be able to realize your concept! Each home will be inhabited and tested in real life for three months.

Step 4: Improving and scaling up

Once the three most promising homes have been extensively tested, we will jointly look at what can be improved. Then we will look at which of the homes is crying out to be scaled. It goes without saying that thorb’s investors are chomping at the bit to purchase these futureproof homes!

What is home happiness?

Maximize home happiness while minimizing the cost of home living. Sounds great, but what exactly is home happiness? Thorb carried out intensive research into home enjoyment, in collaboration with market research agency Motivaction. The results show that there are nine happiness factors that jointly ensure home happiness.
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About us

Reinvent The Habitat is an initiative by Thorb. Thorb is a new start-up that aims to set aside conservative notions. It wants to torpedo all the old ideas about home living to make way for new, innovative approaches to building homes. Thorb was established in 2016 and is supported by investments from BAM Wonen, Eigen haard and AM.
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Collaborate for 100% home happiness

Reinvent The Habitat encourages you to use the knowledge of other participants and parties to achieve the most distinctive concept. For instance, have a coffee with your local architect. Or have a chat with a programmer. Ideas sometimes come from the most unexpected places! Input from other people can often seriously help you achieve your eureka experience. You can find other registered participants under ‘participants’. This page also offers participants the option to contact each other enabling you, for example, to jointly come up with a total concept!

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