From all the submissions we will select a maximum of three concepts which we will then test. This means they will be constructed in The Green Village and residents will move into them. The tests measure four dimensions and we judge the extent to which your concept is scalable for each of these dimensions. The four dimensions are:

  • Social: people will live in the concepts so that we will know to what extent they accept and value the concepts. We will also carry out wider quantitative studies to measure acceptance and appreciation of the concepts. This is because scalability is strongly dependent on the degree to which people accept and value the concepts.
  • Business: without business, no scalability. So, what is the cost price of the home when constructed in large numbers, and is this a profitable prospect in the market?
  • Legal: in The Green Village we are free from construction regulations (as long as it’s safe!), but if we want to scale up we will have to contend with numerous laws and regulations. So we will have to explore how the concept needs to be adapted to be able to scale it within the regulations. But we will also examine how and where we can scale up with other regulations.
  • Technical: obviously, the technical nature of the concept determines its scalability. Both the technical nature of the product itself and whether the concept is manufacturable in large numbers or industrially.