Four stone walls and a roof will be a thing of the past in ten years’ time. This makes perfect sense when you consider the rapid pace in which our life is evolving. An increasing number of people are moving into the city, causing a shortage of affordable homes. In the past century the world population has increased from just under 2 billion to 7.5 billion people. Fun fact: for the first time in the history of mankind there are more people living in the city than in rural areas. This process of urbanisation is making us rethink how we’re going to continue to enjoy living in densely populated areas. The New Way of Living taps into the social trend of people choosing a functional and comfortable home that is, wherever possible, self-sufficient. For enjoyable living that lasts longer, costs less and uses resources in a responsible way.

Below you can find four revolutionary designs conceived by creative minds. The designers didn’t take any standard ideas about living, material or traditional home lay-out into account. It’s these revolutionary living concepts that are needed more than ever for our future!

Futuristic fungus tower in the centre of New York

Ever heard of the futuristic fungus tower ‘The Living’ in New York? The stones used to build the sustainable pavilion are made of 100% organic material such as corn waste and mycelium (the network of a mushroom’s root-like fibres). A spectacular construction of cylindrical components with fungus growing on the corn waste results in flexible ‘mushroom walls’. What a fung-tastic idea!

Minimalistic living in urban living concept Breathe

Or what do you think of the tiny translucent residential tower ‘MINI Living Breathe’, which is a more than adequate response to the increasing lack of suitable living space in busy cities. The main idea was to create an attractive place to live in a natural environment and come up with smart solutions to minimise the ecological footprint. Breathtaking!

Wikkelhouse: 24 layers of carton form a cosy house in 24 hours

What about the Dutch Wikkelhouse? This cosy little house is made in a single day by wrapping 24 layers of corrugated cardboard around the wooden frame of the house. Wikkelhouse addresses the flexibility of living. The bungalow with its modular design can be extended with a bathroom, kitchen or office space in no time. It’s easy to move and has a lifespan of at least 50 years! Wicked!

The Domestic Transformer: 24 rooms in a tiny house

Architect Gary Chang grew up in a tiny little apartment in Hong Kong. His parental house later served as his inspiration for The Domestic Transformer: an ingenious 32 square metre house that makes the most of every single inch of space. With the help of sliding walls, Chang succeeded in creating 24 rooms. The core values in the apartment are user-friendliness, affordability and efficiency. Ka-ching!

Spark a revolution in building

At Reinvent the Habitat, we build upon this new way of life. Yes, we’re going to spark a revolution in building in the Netherlands. We’re literally going to tear down walls and shake the foundations of the property sector. Where others have long since dropped out, we’ll push back the boundaries. Your challenge? To contribute! We’re offering you the unique chance to inspire and conquer the world with your living concept. Reinvent the Habitat is interested in your genius idea, your sublime eureka moment or your ground-breaking living solution for the future. All ideas are welcome, from multifunctional living room with sliding walls to a recyclable plastic house. Let your imagination run wild and surprise us, and the rest of the world. Who knows, you might just be the new Elon Musk, Marcus Engman, Andrea Pininfarina or Piet Hein Eek..

Reinvent the Habitat

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