There is, more than ever, a need for affordable housing. The construction industry needs an abundance of new innovation. Right now! Most houses are made of brick and concrete. Strange, because brick and concrete contribute (to a large extent) to the high house prices. There’s got to be another way, right? It’s not as if nothing is happening in the field of construction materials. New and improved materials are regularly introduced.

Promising new construction materials

There are already a couple of promising materials that can change the future. For example, Ecovative’s Fungal Foam. This material is made of agricultural waste (stems of plants, rice and wheat chaff) and mushroom roots (mycelium). The big advantage is that it’s cheap and environmentally friendly.

House prices continue to rise

The construction industry has barely developed over the past few decades regarding the use of new construction materials based on the affordability of housing. Building homes, and living in them, is therefore becoming more and more expensive. We are going to change that with the Reinvent The Habitat challenge!

Everything half price

By using innovative and affordable materials, we want to build homes in which residents can live for half the price without compromising on home happiness. Do you have the innovative ideas we need? Join the challenge!

A new way of life

Reinvent The Habitat is all about new ways of living. Make a change in the traditional way of thinking about homes and housing development. That is our mission. We challenge you to think outside of the box and to share revolutionary ideas with us. Surprise us with an innovative and affordable construction material. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

What’s yours stays yours! What about Intellectual Property (IP)?

The submitted idea (IP) will continue to be yours for as long as you want! We do not want to steal ideas. We want to offer you the opportunity and the platform to contribute to new ways of construction and building affordable housing! Do you want to know more about the IP throughout the various stages of the challenge? Read all about it here.

Are you the visionary who has the solution for affordable construction materials?

It’s up to the visionaries among us to create a revolutionary housing concept. Have you been working on new ideas and invented an innovative construction material? Or do you have great ideas on construction materials with which affordable houses can be built? We challenge you to maximize people’s home happiness at the lowest possible cost! Curious? Read more about our Reinvent The Habitat challenge, get creative and join the challenge!