Reinvent The Habitat believes that everyone in the Netherlands has the right to an affordable home. Nevertheless, the affordability of social housing in this country is a major problem. A massive shortage of suitable housing is likely to occur if new social housing stock isn’t added quickly. But there is hope because we are giving you the opportunity to have a major impact on the future of affordable social housing with your building concept!

Affordable Social Housing in Danger

Rutte’s third Cabinet’s new plans were not met with much enthusiasm by the Woonbond (national tenants’ association) in October. According to the Woonbond, the new government agreement ensures that the availability of affordable rented housing will decline further, due to, among other things, higher rents and cutbacks in Housing Benefit. Those on lower incomes will be particularly affected. The Woonbond previously reported that 100,000 extra homes would be needed over the coming years to bridge the gap in demand.

Demand is High

Housing corporations must therefore build more homes to meet the increasing demand for social housing. The economic crisis had a profound impact. As a result, people are increasingly dependent on social housing, this coupled with the fact that the number of those taking their first steps into the housing market, searching for a suitable home, continues to rise. Housing corporation waiting lists are growing because the demand for rented accommodation is much greater than the supply.

Median income households left in the cold

If your income is too high for you to be eligible for social housing but you don’t have enough income to finance a mortgage, your only option is to resort to the private rental sector. However, the scarcity of affordable rental properties available to the middle segment is a thorn in the side of many tenants. Around one and a half million households in the Netherlands depend on a median income, the majority of which group is composed of elderly, young and single persons. The continually rising rental prices have become unaffordable for many people. Due to a lack of clear rules and legislation, landlords in the private sector are free to set their prices at their own discretion. As a result, rental prices can be sky-high: certainly not anything to be particularly cheerful about.

Maximise Happiness in the Home with Affordability

Reinvent The Habitat knows that affordability is one of the nine happiness factors that determines the happiness of the Dutch people in their home-life. Everybody deserves a safe roof over their head that matches their means. We think that the structural solution to the housing shortage will not come from the traditional construction sector, but will be inspired by your creativity instead. With ‘Reinvent The Habitat’, we are creating a housing revolution that will seriously shake up the traditional construction sector. The proverb ‘the darkest hour is just before dawn’ sums up the current situation perfectly – and we’ll be at the forefront of this new dawn!

Send us a Revolutionary Idea

The Reinvent The Habitat Challenge is calling on everyone, even you, both here in the Netherlands and abroad, to submit a ground-breaking and sustainable ​​living concept in a unique way. Startup Thorb is the initiator of Reinvent The Habitat. In April 2018, the winning ideas will see the first test houses built on land that has already been reserved for this purpose. Yes, we are indeed ambitious, but that’s because we are intending to build these houses in large numbers across the country.

Do you have a great idea? And do you want to contribute to solving the issue of affordable housing for the future? Then what are you waiting for? Join the challenge now!