Nowadays people rarely stay in the same house all their lives. Today’s homes are not entirely adjusted to this reality. It is a tough task to build a home that has the perfect life span and is also affordable. A bungalow for an elderly couple has different living requirements than a starter home for a young family. Thus, it is necessary to take a critical look at the life span of houses. How do we do that? Reinvent The Habitat offers the solution: build homes in which residents can live for half the price during every stage of life, without compromising home happiness.

It’s just a phase….

People in the Netherlands are reaching an older age. A century ago, the average life expectancy was around 45 years of age. In the future, the average age will go towards 90. In the past people often lived in the same place all their lives, but nowadays people are moving more often than ever. On average, a Dutch person moves 7 times in his life. A reason to move houses is that the current home does not meet the needs of residents. It simply doesn’t match the stage of life of the residents anymore. But then why do we build expensive houses while knowing that people will not live in the same house their entire life? Isn’t there a cheaper and easier way? The challenge for you is to find an answer to this question….

Reinvent The Habibat: PopUp the volume

We’ve seen a groundbreaking concept before. The PopUp house, for example. Temporary homes that bring together affordable living and personal needs. An example is the ‘passive house’ by the French design firm Multiple Studio. This is a super insulated house which only costs € 38,000. This gives you a home with 130 square meters of surface. It’s living proof that building houses does not need to be expensive! And what about the sea container, invented by the Canadian company Honomobo, which has been converted into a complete house. Affordable? Absolutely! With € 40,000 you can build a home according to your own needs and adapted to your stage of life. A 15 square meter studio or larger two-person home can be developed in an instant with this revolutionary living concept. Of course, such innovative houses also affect the life span of the home. But just take a look at the cost of building such a house!

Your concept is the ultimate recipe

Did you know that we already have a great spot on which to build? Your dream can become reality in the The Green Village complex in Delft. You don’t need to worry about Intellectual property (IP) of your idea. The idea remains yours until you decide otherwise! Want to know more? You’ll find everything you need to know about IP in this blog.

Join the challenge: a new way of thinking

Reinvent The Habitat wants to unleash a construction revolution. We are therefore looking for open-minded and creative people who dare to look beyond the known. That one person with a groundbreaking idea about the future of building. Many people are aware that the homes of the future must be affordable. Do you think you’ve got the golden idea? Then, of course, we would like to hear from you! Join the challenge!