You crash out on the sofa and watch some TV after a long day at work but, before too long, you’re feeling a little chilly, a familiar situation? There are few things more annoying than a room with a draught. It’s not the ideal situation for a comfortable evening! The level of comfort experienced at home is, for the most part, determined by the temperature and the amount of draft and moisture. The ease with which a house can be kept clean and fresh is also important to people. Do you find that your home falls short on some of these issues? Then it could well cause a great deal of frustration.

The Necessity of Comfort in the Home

Thorb wondered what the most influential factors are when it comes to comfort in the home and the happiness of residents. That’s why we carried out an investigation to find out which factors have the greatest impact on happiness in the home. Over the course of the investigation, we discovered that there are nine happiness factors, of which comfort in the home is the most important. A large share of our income goes on housing, so to live in comfortable home isn’t too much to ask, right?

The 6 Most Frustrating Things

But what are the things that affect our comfort in the home the most? In the context of our Reinvent The Habitat challenge we are happy to share them with you!


1. Good Insulation is Very Important

With winter on the way, you’ll want to prevent your house feeling like an igloo thanks to poor insulation. Poor insulation can mean that chills, draughts, damp and foul odours. Every house should have a good roof, good walls and floor insulation. With these simple features, you can ensure your house stays comfortable all winter long! Do you think you could come up with a great living concept which would ensure people weren’t left out in the cold? Join the challenge!


2. People Need Fresh Air…

A sufficient amount of fresh air can, among other things, be a significant factor in getting a good night’s sleep. Fresh air is also important for people’s health. This is why a lack of constant ventilation is a major frustration for residents. Do you have a great idea to maximise living comfort at minimal cost? Join the challenge!


3. Noise Disturbs Mood

Everyone needs rest. After a hard day’s work, no one wants to be disturbed by noise. But sometimes noise is inevitable – or could you come up with a unique idea to ensure peace and quiet all the time? Join the challenge!


4. Comfort in the Home is having your House in Order

Okay, for the most part the individual is responsible for keeping a house ‘spic and span’, but some homes just seem to get dirty so quickly. Could you invent a home that would stay clean for longer after a thorough cleaning session? Join the challenge!


5. North-facing Living Room

Isn’t it great when your living room faces north with that incredible northern sunset? For many people, a north-facing room or garden causes a lot of frustration. It’s a fact that having the sun come in from the south improves your comfort in the home. Light is good for people, it makes people happy. Could you come up with a way to equalise the comfort felt by those with a south-facing house in a north-facing property? Join the challenge!


6. Temperature is Essential

When you think of the temperature in a church, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Right, it’s often freezing cold! Now a church can’t be compared to a house, but the right temperature in a house provides a great deal of comfort. People prefer to be able to control the temperature of their home from a distance. In the winter they want to be nice and toasty whereas in the summer they want it to be cool and breezy. So it’s a ‘hot’ topic, therefore, to ensure that your home is built in the right way! Join the challenge!

We’re here to Challenge you and your Creative Brain

In short, there is still quite a bit of progress to be made. We are challenging you to think outside the box. Don’t set limits, just forget them! Do you have the answer? Could you maximise people’s happiness in the home at the lowest possible cost? Then we would love to hear from you! Join the challenge and share your living concept with us!