The world has a lot of wonderfully located houses. The beautiful architecture takes full advantage of the available resources and cleverly adapts to the location of the house. We’ve made a selection of three wonderful and inspiring houses for you. Perhaps these ideas will encourage you to submit your idea for the Reinvent The Habitat challenge!

1. The Stone House in Fafe, Portugal

It’s not a secret that many houses are made of stone. However, the rural Portuguese town Fafe is home to a very unusual stone house located on top of a hill between mountain ranges. It is a breathtaking location that will give the resident plenty of peace. The Rodrigues family was very inventive when they were working on the design of Caso do Penedo (translation: House of Stone). The rocks are the foundation for the stone structure. They’ve made use of the available natural resources in a very creative way at this location.

2. The Mirrorcube in the Swedish forests

Mirrorcube Zweden

Becoming one with nature. That statement was taken very literally by the designers of The Mirrorcube hotel accommodation. The designers made use of the hundreds of trees as the foundation for the artistic mirrored walls. This is a great example of how to turn an original idea for an outside location into an eye-catching building. The Mirrorcube has a double bed, a bathroom, a living room and even a roof terrace, so you won’t be short of anything inside the house. All the required elements are here to maximize the home happiness at this location!

3. NA House in Tokio, Japan

The amount of people living alone and the amount of one-person households will grow in the future. This is something to take into consideration if you want to build affordable houses. Social contacts are becoming increasingly important. Perhaps the transparent NA House by the Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto offers a good solution. The house is built in the densely populated Japanese capital Tokyo. This translucent cottage house is a reference to the past when people lived surrounded by trees, had no privacy and were forced to live together. Due to social media we know what everyone is up to nowadays, so going back to this type of life would be a simple next step. Even if your house is in the middle of a vibrant metropolitan area. Right? Or is this too far off? What is your opinion on this type of housing concept for this location? Is this the house of the future?

It’s all about location, location, location…

Location is one of the nine happiness factors that determines the home happiness of the residents. The living requirements are different in urban areas like Tokyo compared to the countryside. Some like to avoid the noisy city life, while others can’t even think of life on a farm. The accessibility of the location, the space you have at your disposal, the activity or lack thereof and the available resources which make it possible to build an affordable house are all factors that affect the final production process and design and home happiness of the house.

Do you have an idea that can inspire and change the construction industry? That unique concept that seamlessly fits to the options that you have at your disposal at the location of the house? If the answer is yes, join the challenge and join our construction revolution!

We’ve already chosen a nice location for our challenge: The Green Village in Delft. So, do you have a great concept in mind that matches this location? Share it with us by participating in the Reinvent The Habitat challenge!