I didn’t really want to do this, but it kept on bugging in my head, and I thought, why not? The competition didn’t pop up onto my screen for nothing, it must have happened for a reason. One of the items on my bucket list was building my own home. So here it goes.

Its astonishing that although we the Dutch are considered to be the best water architects, human beavers, in the whole wide world, there are hardly anyone in this competition who are coming with ideas about living permanently on our waters, which contain about one third of our country. So to house 7 million families we should have at least around 2 million families living in water homes. Instead we destroy a lot of green environments, parts of nature, to indulge all who don’t care about that. Due to coming global warming and such, we should start building much more on the water.
We can use the available materials, like concrete to built a frame. On top we can use shipping containers for a standard family home. Is it necessary to expand the home, because of birth or perhaps the ability to work at home, the family would not need to move to another location, but add another unit / shipping container.
Students could use that too. A whole bunch of shipping containers on a concrete frame. Restaurants, offices, workplaces etc building a whole city on the water… Good luck 🙂

De bouwstenen van het project

  • Locatie: Helemaal
  • Sociale contacten: Helemaal
  • Veiligheid: Helemaal
  • Wooncomfort: Helemaal
  • Buitenruimte & Natuur: Deels
  • Financiën: Deels
  • Privacy: Deels
  • Ruimte & Indeling: Deels
  • Techniek & Design: Deels
  • Gebruikers gedefinieerd: Niet

Contact informatie

  • TeamnaamWaterworld
  • Email adres: wiershar@gmail.com

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