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Imagine yourself in around pavilion like home, durable, life, climate and earthquake-resistant. In addition, the ‘ WaterLoosHuis ‘ is self-sufficient and even more beautiful, supplying, prefab, dismountable and replaceable. Above all extremely comfortable and scalable. Where do you get out? The right floating WaterLoosHuis. Don’t you know? We are going to do something about it. Our dream AFB. 1 is a place to create where you are with 4 others or if necessary as single (picture 2 and 3 in your own home custom, can live and live. In the beginning we went out of a water basin of 100 diameter with a cluster of 4 around houses fitted with a pent. However, the big problem is finding a good place to realize our WaterLoosHuis. Water enough in Holland would you think, yes but the problem is rules, rules and even more rules. We drown in regulations in our happily fine small country. Finally we ended up in Oostvoorne where we could get a lot of land with a obligated water storage. You already understand, we use this lot practically in its entirety to make it a water lot. Some limitation is in this case the size of the floating dwelling. The lot is wide +/-24 x 44 meters. We now think of a floating body of up to 20 diameter, high 100 cm with thereupon asymmetrical the house maximally 14 diameter. The roof contains integrated solar and heat panels is 20 diameter covered largely the remaining terrace. Of course other facilities such as a heat pump connected to soil, water and air are self- evident. Don’t forget the Led lighting, infrared heating and so on. What else do you want!
The challenge is: Where do we find partners, co-workers, thinkers, companies, agencies that allow us to make the concept of the WaterLoosHuis a success.

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