The Nomad Tower

Big cities are more and more hubs where people come and go. Not only is owning an old school house or apartment less common for millennials because of the tough housing market, for many it is simply less desirable. In a more connected world there is a still growing community of people who live and work in different countries or cities. For a couple of years, or just even a couple of months. The Nomad Towers are the perfect solution: these high tech apartments are fair priced, very economic, durable and sustainable and easy to move into and easy to move out of. There are work spaces in the building, and there is a restaurant downstairs (which is why your kitchen is minimal) where you can get 3 healthy, nutritious meals a day . Think of a futuristic mix of an amazing apartment building, sustainable housing, hip coworking space concepts, a healthy McDonalds, a less greedy Airbnb and many of the innovative ideas and designs as submitted on this website and there you have it: The Nomad Tower. The day will come you’ll find one in every city on the globe. It will be the same day the era of shady landlords is over. And that of McDonalds.

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