Living Streets

A typical nice street in for instance Delft has houses/flats on both sides of the street. This means that we loose the space occupied by the streets! When streets would be made from material (glass/plastic) that allows light to pass through, people could live underneath the streets and have daylight too. Similar strength has been observed in the glass bridge in China, but for this purpose it either needs to be ground glass (matglas) or vertical curtains should be available. Thinking about a kind of studio. At the top (where the most daylight is available) the living room/kitchen. 1 floor lower, toilet/shower and bedroom. If this floor is made from glass again )or partially) daylight gets into that room too, though less. Access to the house through stairs next to the road, with special lock. Not very suitable for elderly or families with children, but very nice for students/young professionals! It would be possible to link several units, in order to share facilities or create a bed and breakfast combination, where one unit is occupied by someone or a couple that lives there and the other unit is for guests. A door between the units can be used to deliver the breakfast. Due to the fact that glass roads are special, it may also attract tourists, leading to economic profit for Delft. The technological inventive use of glass would also fit well with mission of TU Delft: ‘…helping to translate knowledge into technological innovations and activity with both economic and social value.’

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