LiveFree house

A LiveFree home is a unique house where mobility is combined with quality and durability. On top of that the houses are comfortable and have a luxury appearance. The house is very light and can therefore be placed both on land and on water. By applying an intelligent energy unit, it will become less depending on utility connections and becomes a self-sufficient home (a so called autarkic house).
The LiveFree houses consists of detachable parts produced in a factory, and an energy unit that all can be transported by truck. This way the houses are easy transportable, they can be used on a location where at that time it is needed and keep their value.
The property can either be placed on land or on water without site preparation. The energy unit has a modular design so that the property can operate with minimum dependencies on external utilities. The property has the “look and feel” of a permanent house, which makes it very suitable for (temporary) housing and the leisure market.

De bouwstenen van het project

  • Locatie: Helemaal
  • Sociale contacten: Deels
  • Veiligheid: Deels
  • Wooncomfort: Deels
  • Buitenruimte & Natuur: Helemaal
  • Financiën: Deels
  • Privacy: Deels
  • Ruimte & Indeling: Niet
  • Techniek & Design: Deels
  • Gebruikers gedefinieerd: Helemaal

Contact informatie

  • TeamnaamLiveFree
  • Email adres:

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