Formwork is finishing and furniture + Internet technologies

Sketch project.
To combine the three stages of construction in one phase.
Less finishing, less hull a furniture, less kitchen.

In this sketch-project conditionally shown three stages of construction.
1 stage: the construction of the building – foundations, walls, floors.
filling buildings with the necessary engineering system – water, sewage, heating,
electricity, ventilation.
2 stage: waterproofing, insulation, plaster, paint walls, finish wall tile finish flooring, decoration.
3 stage: installation plumbing fixtures, electrical, furniture.
The value of the house 100% of the sum of (1 part) +( 2nd part)+(3rd part)
My concept to connect the (2) and (3) to part (1)
In the work room environment with robotics to create modules with surfaces
finishing and use these modules as permanent formwork,
at the stage of construction design. Almost to exclude (part 2) – finishing works of the common
of the construction process, in their traditional form and reduce their costs.

Simultaneously with erection of a design and an engineering communications, do installation for Multi-functional terminal, which includes a smart kitchen, smart sanitary units and furniture elements. Partially eliminate (Part 3) and reduce furniture costs and electrical appliances.

If, together with this, use energy-saving technologies: solar batteries, and energy from water and other environmental technologies. To receive the big economy of means and at a stage of construction and during residing.

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