The way in which concrete is recycled by: smart-crushing or by ultra sonic waves or by flash lighting is even to much energy consuming. The best way for the enviremont to recycle concrete is to put concrete rumble into closed caissons and use it for defence against water at spring tides along rivers outside of The Netherlands or to use the caissons as boardwalks along the shore at the sea side, but also as bottoms for wind mills in land and sea. The caissons can be fabricated of cutting parts from concrete building pillars and walls and repacked with sea water proof chemical sealing.


The used walls and pillars cut from concrete building and rumble from concrete roads etc. regenarated in so calles “seals containers” or ‘sealed caissons’ can be sold world wide for very low sea shore defence, for instance with the coast of Louisiana and Sint Louis in teh USA, but for nearby future with the coast of New York protecting against flooding, but also to make the Missisipi reliable and current-proof. At least we can use it for ourselves along the sea shore in The Netherlands to make dunes along the Coast for high sea water protection.


The gross of the granulate of smart crushed concrete can be used in the ‘mines’ of gas-winning companies in order to fabricate a underground shelter avoiding earth-subcidences and resulting in earth quakes in the Northern part of The Netherands. But more applications can be mentioned as runways of airports and race curcuits in the desserts, etc.


Repacking all concrete in chemical suits and (re)use them (the concrete) for light purposes and applications in order to let the concrete decay by inclosed chemicalsand bio-mass, and remove them after some time to reuse it in new underground buildings, like tunnels and militaire purpose shafts is a future driven asset for all countries using concrete…

Have a Concrete Future,

Mr. Cornelius J Bollier
The Netherlands

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