Building permanent homes on temporary locations

Woonovatie has developed a modular building system in which it combines five ambitions;

• Build homes that are energy neutral
• Doing that by using an efficient production process based on modular thinking and prefabrication
• Use these techniques to lower production costs
• Make use of sustainable materials with the goal to set up a circular production chain in the near future
• Build in such a way that a building can be deconstructed and brought back to the original basic elements out of which it consists.

This building system has been tested in two pilot projects that have been realised in the municipalities of Horst aan de Maas and Swalmen in the province of Limburg. Woonovatie has build nine homes in total in these two projects and is looking for new opportunities to improve the system.

How does it work?
Woonovatie has searched for ways to create a modular building system. Key to the system is the basic module, a rectangular box with the following measurements; 3,5 metres x 7 metres x 3,3 metres. The measurements of this module are fixed so that the rest of the elements needed to complete the building can be standardized.

One module can be used as the basis for a home, but if you start combining modules you can make the home as big as you want. The rest of the system is designed to follow the measurements of the basic module and consist of a foundation system, an outer wall system and a roof system. For the inside Woonovatie has designed different bathroom modules and kitchen modules.

The idea of the whole Woonovatie system is that all these elements can be prefabricated and brought to the construction site where they will be assembled into a home. If it is necessary the building can be deconstructed as well and all the elements can be reused. In this way it is possible to build permanent or semi permanent homes.

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