How much space do we really need in a house? In each division? Maybe 30 m2? Maybe less, maybe more. What if the size we consider enough would be magically transformed into the required function (living, kitchen, bathroom, etc) in just a single thought?

Technology has been very useful to mankind. Many of the things we take for granted today would be considered magical if shown working centuries ago (Let’s think about ambulances, for example).
This is evolution, we are less afraid of the novelty.
Our proposal to reinvent the habitat is to seek the most useful inventions in the history of housing (many already forgotten) and to combine them with new inventions.

We are not the future, but we are part of evolution!

This proposal was not created to win a contest, but to give a concrete answer on how to lower the price of housing and still increase the quality of life of its occupants – in a reality that cannot be only ideological, but above all: achievable!

We could change habits (At least we can try). After all, we are permanently adapting. But Area3 seeks to meet people’s practices and customs. We may think of a different bed – perhaps one in which people slept on their feet – but we do not think it wise to determine dramatic changes in the way people are accustomed to living. That’s why our bed is still … a simple bed. The only thing we did was to get the best possible bed, in aesthetics, in size and in the convenience of using it. In the same way we take every piece of equipment that is usually part of a dwelling and reinvented them also. We draw piece by piece, until we reach the most difficult: simplicity.

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