Air to wear

Low cost, low maintenance, partially self-built, modular space. Finish acts as structural support. High insulation values; less need for heating. Floating, no foundation needed. Technical issues are avoided by using prefabricated bathroom and kitchen pods. Heating is provided by using heatpump for cooling and heating. One-floor dwelling, stacking possible with use of exoskeleton in concrete or steel. Building must be pegged to floor to withstand wind force.

De bouwstenen van het project

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  • Sociale contacten: Niet
  • Veiligheid: Niet
  • Wooncomfort: Niet
  • Buitenruimte & Natuur: Niet
  • FinanciĆ«n: Helemaal
  • Privacy: Deels
  • Ruimte & Indeling: Deels
  • Techniek & Design: Deels
  • Gebruikers gedefinieerd: Helemaal

Contact informatie

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