Affordable Comfort

Making comfortable living affordable:
To be able to make comfortable living affordable we designed a house from the inside to the outside. We did not just focus on the investment, but alot more on the explotation amount.
The most important thing is the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) combined with the LCC (Life Cycle Cost).

Circulair construction:
For the realization use is made of reusable or reused materials.

The basis of the design are sea containers that are used for the construction. This creates a compact but comfortable home. As shown in the attached drawing (Appendix 1) The heat loss is kept to a minimum due to the modular construction and the use of well-insulating reusable and / or recycled materials. The large roof surface, preferably oriented towards the south, is equipped with PV panels in combination with solar panels.

Living comfort:
On one side two containers are put together where the most important functions of a house are located, such as the kitchen with the bedrooms upstairs. On the other side, a container is set up containing the study room and the other rooms. In the intermediate space there is a spacious connecting space where the other functions take place. By using large windows with high-quality insulated glass, it is like nature from the outside is placed inside.

Technical features:
For the heating and / or cooling of the residence no use is made of fossil fuels, but the object becomes self-sufficient.
The energy required for cooling and heating the house is extracted from the ground with so-called vertical soil heat exchangers. The house is heated via a heat pump which increases the temperature to comfort temperature. (Appendix 2)
The required energy for the heat pump is generated by the PV panels. The combination of PV panels / solar panels ensures that the hot water can also be brought to a comfortable temperature in an energy-efficient manner.
By applying a heat pump, the investment in the realization phase may be a bit higher, but the annual costs for the energy amply compensate for this extra investment. In a next phase this will be demonstrated by means of calculations.

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