A comfortable home for elderly

Regulations regarding the allocation of senior homes and the increasing aging of the population in the Netherlands have created a tight housing market for affordable senior homes and care homes. This results in waiting lists for older people who cannot find a suitable house. Our idea is to create a home for elderly people against a super competitive price by constructing the house very fast and using modular building components. Simplicity, maximum daylight and living comfort are the main pillars for our design.

De bouwstenen van het project

  • Locatie: Helemaal
  • Sociale contacten: Helemaal
  • Veiligheid: Helemaal
  • Wooncomfort: Helemaal
  • Buitenruimte & Natuur: Helemaal
  • FinanciĆ«n: Niet
  • Privacy: Niet
  • Ruimte & Indeling: Deels
  • Techniek & Design: Deels
  • Gebruikers gedefinieerd: Niet

Contact informatie

  • TeamnaamStudio 4
  • Email adres: hugokooymans@gmail.com

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