“A good design is sustainable, a great design is responsible”

The market and economy are changing:

There is a greater need for a ‘pop-up’ culture with the emphasis on temporary and flexible interpretations.

The ‘24Tiny’ reflects the changes and demands for pop-up infills by adopting a dynamic form.

With its modern and expressive look, the ‘24Tiny’ shows how attractive sustainability can look.

The shape also contributes to the aerodynamics of the house because its always on the road.
Always on the road means that the house has to be completely self-sufficient using only renewable sources.

Only sustainable materials are used in the design.

The house is composed of a completely open and light central space that connects with the environment and can be fully utilized by the user.

In addition to this central open space are two functional spaces where all functions are integrated.

Due to the modern and dynamic design, the ‘24Tiny’ hopes to offer an inspiring and unique platform for sustainability and make the topic of sustainability attractive and inspirational for everyone.

De bouwstenen van het project

  • Locatie: Deels
  • Sociale contacten: Deels
  • Veiligheid: Helemaal
  • Wooncomfort: Helemaal
  • Buitenruimte & Natuur: Helemaal
  • Financiën: Helemaal
  • Privacy: Deels
  • Ruimte & Indeling: Deels
  • Techniek & Design: Helemaal
  • Gebruikers gedefinieerd: Helemaal

Contact informatie

  • TeamnaamStudio4
  • Email adres: info@studio4visuals.com

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