This document outlines the rules and regulations governing the Reinvent The Habitat Challenge and its associated activities. First and foremost, by applying, the applicant(s) automatically agree with the rules and regulations stipulated in this document. Neither Thorb, Eigen Haard, BAM Wonen and AM nor its associated entities are liable for any loss (material or immaterial), damage, Intellectual Property claims or any other form of liability experienced by the applicant(s) or third-parties.

Submission of application and deadline

  • Submissions that are not submitted through will not be considered.
  • Application missing the requested details will be considered ineligible.
  • Submission after the application deadline of January 31, 2018 will not be considered.

The competition

All submissions will go through a pre-selection process. After pre-selection, 20 ideas/solutions will be selected and invited for discussing further details.

The selection

The selection will be made by the founders of Thorb and their investors. Selection criteria are dominated by the degree to which the concept matches up to consumer wishes as postulated in the nine factors of happiness. Besides that also the degree to which the concept is suitable for upscaling matters.

Prize and associated conditions

  • The jury can decide not to award a prize, this can in extreme cases result in no prizes being awarded.
  • All prizes are subject to further due diligence and discussion between Thorb and the selected applicants. Please be aware that this means that the prize can differ from information presented on the website, and in other communication materials associated with the challenge.
  • The prize is always subject to assessment of economic and technical feasibility. In case of serious doubts, Thorb can choose to not pursue a follow-up with the prize-winning applicant(s). Please be aware that this can still occur after the selection by the jury, and could be prompted by new information that comes forward in the due diligence process.

Intellectual Property and confidentially

  • The Intellectual Property (IP) associated with submission by the applicant(s) should be owned by the applicant(s).
  • Use of third-party IP will need to be disclosed, and applicant(s) take full responsibility.
  • During and after the selection, the associated with the solution/idea IP will be held by the applicants, unless parties formally agree otherwise.
  • The applicant is aware that material can be shared for promotional ends. Thorb will only do so with permission of the applicant(s).

Doe je mee?

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De challenge is on!

  • De kans om wonen opnieuw uit te vinden
  • Zet de bouwwereld op z'n kop
  • Je idee realiseren, bouwen en opschalen