fire and emergency disposal methods and training

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To strengthen the company's daily work safety, improve staff awareness of fire safety and emergency handling ability and self rescue ability, enhance the enterprise's production security force, on 10th January 2015 at 16:00-17:00, under the organization of the integrated management of the Department of our staff were once to the emergency response and disposal of the theme of safety education and training.

The main points of this education activity are two major parts: theoretical safety education and practical operation exercise.

First, through multimedia education in the workshop. By the beam competent speaker, mainly to explain the sudden event definition, characteristics, classification and the specific case, the emphasis is on the encountered unexpected events should take measures.

Secondly, in order to allow you to apply what they have learned, after, under the leadership of the class leader, a fire drills for practice. Beam director issued orders, we ordered from the channel staff quickly evacuated to the first floor. After the first floor level platoon team, the drill Ren Xiaoyong for the use of fire extinguisher principle, methods, and related matters were explained in detail. Li Jiang on the side of the actual operation of the exercise, blink of an eye, the fire ignited quickly extinguished. During this period, we listen carefully, carefully, not panic, calm and calm.

Finally, let x again used in fire fighting methods and steps for summarizing the effect, exercise, exercise ended.

Through this exercise, we further improve the safety and fire system of our company, in order to meet the unforeseen accidents in the future to build up a wall of protection, propped up a protective umbrella!