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2014 eleven Travel News

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October 1, 2014 -3, every national day, the company organized the Ningxia - Shapotou, through Lake grassland, Western Film City, Shahu classic three day trip.

The first station is on the lake grassland. Through Lake prairie is located in Inner Mongolia and Ningxia at the junction of the Tengger Desert, here is the ancient Silk Road fortress. The ancient trade route, Ancient Salt Road, Shengkui ancient camel road. Desert lakes, desert oasis, desert grassland, sand rock... And the ancient Great Wall, ancient battlefield, the sale of old city ruins; spread through the ages of the stories and legends, and hospitality of the herdsmen on the grassland. Therefore, known as the desert of Eden ". Everyone in the play the steppe horses, camels, go kart, motocross madness and taste different, happy stimulation of tourism projects in the evening to participate in the evening campfire with Mongolian characteristics.

October 2nd morning we go to Zhongwei, Shapotou, Ningxia. Here in the Yellow River, desert, mountains, as an oasis, with magnificent northwest scenery, and the beautiful scenery of jiangnan.We take the old tools sheepskin raft to cross the river, in the surging the Yellow River, crossing to the other side. In the afternoon, we came to the Oriental Hollywood, the western Ningxia film city, we entered the film and television, but also over the star addiction, experience the fun of the show.

In October 3rd through the Chinese wolfberry Museum, a taste of Ningxia's history and culture, and China wolfberry industry, scientific research etc.. Short stay, we went to in Jiangnan region of rivers and lakes and the desert scenery for one of the lake, the lake, desert, reeds, flowers, birds, Lakers to north of the great wall and the Jiangnan beautiful, Zhulianbihe fusion together, constitute a stunning landscape scenery map.

Everyone in the tour a landscape of lakes and mountains at the same time, exchange ideas with each other, promote feelings.

The trip to everyone to leave the impression is very deep, it makes you appreciate the work outside of the family and moved, feel that everyone is a harmonious team, realize the bamboo is a big warm family, more let everyone understand the good intentions of the company to organize the trip.Careful aftertaste this trip at the same time, but also the beginning of the preparatory work for a new round of, I believe everyone will have to more abundant energy more high enthusiasm to the work, for bamboo to contribute their strength, together to build this big family, because we are all one family.