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2014 annual recognition Conference

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"BMW off at harvest, Ling sheep dance to spring". An instant 2014 has passed and the 2015 comes to us.. The new year, to breed new targets and hopes. In February 16, 2015, our staff have a joyous gathering, held in the conference room of the "2014 annual summary and commendation congress".

Conference hosted by the field, general manager of the company, New Year message caused by Ms. chairman Dong Huanping, field always done the summary report, reviewed the mentality of the 2014. Certainly the 2014 achieved brilliant results, and personnel for all employees "ploughing and pay to be sure, summing up the achievements, at the same time also pointed out that the company in 2014. Finally, it prospects the direction and objectives for the future work of the company in a.

In 2014, the annual outstanding staff to be commended, awarded the honorary certificate and prize by Dong Zong. The company's staff also gave the winners the most sincere congratulations and the warmest applause..

The meeting in the peaceful atmosphere with laughter after the successful.